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Artisan’s Originals- Shop for a cause

Artisan’s Originals- Shop for a cause

The sheer elegance of Chanderi fabric is enough to entice every saree connoisseur and handloom lover. The sophistication and beauty of Chanderi fabric are evidence of the tedious hard work and efforts of the weavers that goes in making it.

Despite its historical and cultural significance and rising demand, the makers of this heritage are in an extremely vulnerable state today because of the current COVID-19 crisis and lockdown. The impact of coronavirus on the market has heavily affected the economic conditions of handloom weavers, as most of the bulk orders have been canceled or postponed without payment and the summer stock is lying unsold.

The indigenous weavers depend on loans taken either from banks or local lenders to procure raw material and other necessities. Though the banks have given relaxation on loan interest, there are many weavers trapped and burdened under the high-interest loans provided by local lenders. 

KhaDigi is trying to conserve the efforts of Chanderi weavers through this platform of social media that connects us all globally. Take part in protecting and truly appreciating this iconic and unique Indian traditional industry, and nourish the weavers back to economic health - SHOP FOR A CAUSE!

As for many of us, shopping is a mood uplifter and a way to destress. So unload your stress and indulge in some retail therapy during this quarantine time but for a cause. Your one tiny step will not only make you a proud owner of this beautiful piece of craft and panache from Chanderi, but it will also provide the weavers with much-needed support during such critical times.

To begin with, KhaDigi is bringing a collection of exclusive Chanderi sarees and stoles/dupattas from the loom of an exceptional master weaver Mr. Aminuddin Ansari. His work is a blend of creativity, focus, patience and concentration with nicely weaved detailed-design through a very complex process.

The handloom fabrics are laced with the special warmth as Mr. Aminuddin has made it with lots of hope and love. Buy a Chanderi saree/stole from his collection for your or for any of your loved ones to extend the warmth of hope and love, and feel pride because you are not just helping a weaver but also contributing to a better environment, a brighter future.

You can also use the voucher as a gift card and give it to a friend or loved one, tell them to redeem it with us after the lockdown, and we’ll send them the selected item as a gift on your behalf.

Do not let CoronaVirus affect the livelihood of our handloom weavers. By supporting them you are helping to preserve the rich textile heritage and art of India. Choose Wisely!

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